The Fire Grill is a locally owned restaurant that strives to honor the culinary traditions of the south and classic American comfort food. With a unique menu, an extensive craft beer selection, and an atmosphere that cannot be matched, the Fire Grill is truly a one of a kind restaurant. From the second you enter the door the pleasant aroma of smoked hickory, cherry, and apple wood from the pit will bring your taste senses to life. The hostess graciously greets you with a smile on her face. When you enter the dining room, the large central bar captures your eye. The sound of clanking glasses, burgers sizzling on the grill, and a busy wait staff makes you feel a part of the pulse of the restaurant. Your eyes are pulled in the direction of the open kitchen, where the staff is busy preparing all meals, order by order. You see them working in sync, all dressed in their blacks and whites, as though they were part of a Broadway production.

With these ideas, Fire Grill has come to life.


30 N. STATE STREET, GIRARD, OH    |    330 545 4755